Specialist Nature Guiding

From a mindful stroll in a botanical garden to a challenging hike through indigenous forest, I offer personalised nature adventures for families, individuals & groups of all ages, revealing the beauty, wonder & wisdom in nature

nature therapy & forest bathing

Guided experiences in nature, intentionally structured to reduce stress & anxiety, as well as to promote mental well-being. In these restorative encounters, nature is the primary therapist.   I offer Nature therapy & Forest bathing for individuals & groups. 

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Strong Heart retreats are the core of my work & where we have seen the deepest transformation. These are nature-based retreats to help you find strength, direction & clarity on life's journey.

Contact me to organise a retreat for you, or join one we've planned. 

Lead like a tree

For organisations & individuals looking to discover nature’s wisdom in a team-building outdoor setting. We learn how to apply nature's principles to life and leadership. 

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mens retreats 

I have a particular interest in helping men find purpose & heart strength through time in nature & wilderness settings. Contact me to plan a men's day out or a longer men's retreat or wilderness experience.


I offer geology walks and accompany groups on geological tours. It is a special passion of mine to explore and explain the remarkable stories in the rocks and stones of South Africa.


In partnership with Cumberland Nature Reserve, I offer non-accredited courses, for adults, on a range of nature-based subjects. 

These courses provide helpful enrichment for people involved & interested in wildlife, conservation & nature guiding.  

Subjects include: Introduction to Nature Guiding. Introduction to Geology. Identifying indigenous trees. Cumberland wilderness trail.    

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