What is a transformative nature guide?

Modern life is increasingly stressful & busy for many people. We know that we need to slow down & relax, but often simply get swept along by the pace of life around us. Once you've made the choice to take some time out in nature, for however long you can, I'm here to help you experience the deep restoration that nature experiences can give.  I like to guide people into nature in a way that is welcoming & affirming, & that allows for discovery, delight, reflection & relaxation. For decades I’ve watched people being transformed by the wonder & wisdom in nature. Quite simply, I’d like as many people as possible to have this experience. 

Cumberland. 3 Oct 2020 (138)
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Short Courses - on offer from 2021

As part of my ongoing partnership with Cumberland Nature Reserve, I'll be offering an original series of non-accredited courses on a range of nature-based subjects, based at Cumberland. These are adult-level courses for personal development. They will provide helpful enrichment for people involved & interested in wildlife, conservation & nature guiding. These courses are for self-enrichment & are not credit bearing.

     Courses range from 1 to 5 days, with the following planned for early 2021:   Basics of Nature Guiding, Identify indigenous trees, Basic botany for nature lovers, Introduction to invertebrates, Basic Ecology, Geology intensive & Wilderness ethics & experience.